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Loyalty Programmes

Innovative and attractive loyalty programmes and initiatives have proven to help businesses tremendously by:

  • Retaining existing and attracting new customers
  • GROWING REVENUE through loyal customers and REPEAT SALES
  • Generating positive word of mouth and customer referrals
  • Gathering ACTIONABLE INSIGHTS on customers’ behavior

Strategic Engagements will help you conceptualise, launch and maintain cost-effective loyalty programmes and initiatives that your customers will love.

Together with our award-winning partners, we are able to provide a comprehensive solution for your loyalty needs, whether it’s launching new initiatives or revamping existing ones.


Success Story: Growing Revenues Through Loyalty Programmes


We led the team in developing, launching and managing a leading global hotel chain’s guest loyalty programme, in over 100 hotels across the globe.  As a result of the programme: 

  • Members’ average spend increased by 35% versus non-members.
  • Members generated over S$50 million in revenue annually.
  • Over 200,000 members actively participating in the programme.
  • The exclusive hotel partner for a global credit card company’s new credit card which generated incremental revenue and enhanced the hotel’s brand.