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Customer Engagement

An AUTHENTIC and MEMORABLE PERSONAL RELATIONSHIP with your customers is critical for your business success.  We’ll help you develop loyalty and customer engagement strategies and activities that keep your customers loyal, happy and excited about your brand.

In consultation with your team, we will also ensure your engagement activities are successfully integrated into your existing sales, marketing, customer services, IT and operational plans.

Already have a customer engagement strategy in place?  Let us help you review and improve it so that you have a stronger relationship with your customers.

Success Story: Building an Engaging Relationship via WeChat


Recognising that China provided the greatest growth opportunity within Asia, this leading vacation ownership exchange company identified WeChat as the most effective channel to engage members.

We engaged members via WeChat with travel articles, promotional campaigns and competitions, member surveys and “real time” conversations resulting in:

  • A better understanding of members’ desires and pain points leading to a deeper and more personal relationship.
  • Significantly more revenue versus “traditional” marketing channels such as emails, SMS or print.
  • Lower marketing costs.
  • Improved customer satisfaction, shortened response times and reduced call centre costs.